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The Real Meaning of Christmas

It’s a New Season

My divorce was final this week. It’s sort of a yipee.

I’m glad that I’m no longer in the seperated-status limbo. I can now get on with my life back as a single. I have started going to singles events like those sponsored by Echo Ministries. They attract a really amazing group of folks looking to grow in their walk and have fun too. I’m also getting more involved in service in other organizations with which I am involved. I’m becoming more active with folks with whom I’m already familiar.

The Christmas Hub-Bub

It’s easy to get tied up into all the activities of Christmas. There are parties, concerts, get togethers, drop ins, etc, etc, etc.

But I think the Charles Shultz character, Linus, does an excellent job of describing the real meaning of Christmas.


The Reason for the Season

With all the activity, it’s easy to forget, Jesus is the real reason for the season. I keep myself grounded in The Word and my prayer and meditation.

What do you do to keep your focus on Jesus?