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The Real Meaning of Christmas

It’s a New Season

My divorce was final this week. It’s sort of a yipee.

I’m glad that I’m no longer in the seperated-status limbo. I can now get on with my life back as a single. I have started going to singles events like those sponsored by Echo Ministries. They attract a really amazing group of folks looking to grow in their walk and have fun too. I’m also getting more involved in service in other organizations with which I am involved. I’m becoming more active with folks with whom I’m already familiar.

The Christmas Hub-Bub

It’s easy to get tied up into all the activities of Christmas. There are parties, concerts, get togethers, drop ins, etc, etc, etc.

But I think the Charles Shultz character, Linus, does an excellent job of describing the real meaning of Christmas.

The Reason for the Season

With all the activity, it’s easy to forget, Jesus is the real reason for the season. I keep myself grounded in The Word and my prayer and meditation.

What do you do to keep your focus on Jesus?

Goodbye Christmas

Trudie’s humor

As you see, Trudie had a bit of humor about things. These are my antique glass ornaments from when I was a child. Trudie labeled them as shown. [Click the image to see the animation.] I had fun creating this animated image. I used The GIMP which is a free graphics manipulation program (like Photoshop).

Putting the decorations away

Storing away the decorations was sad. It is now officially dreary, drab Winter.

Decorating for Christmas

Today I took time to break out the Christmas decorations. I knew it would be tough work so I got Uncle Bob to come over and help. He helped me setup the tree and to hang all my outdoor lights. He was a great encouragement and a big help.

Grief is hard work

Then I got down to the work of going through all the ornaments. It was tough. Trudie was an “ornament person.” By that I mean that every trip we took, she bought one or multiple tree ornaments to remember the trip by. So I was sad going through the boxes of ornaments. I have my favorites but a lot of them are B.M.T (Before My Time). There were some very special ones that were hard to bring out and remember the times they represented. It was tough work but it is the right “work” for me to be doing this year.

It’s been a sad day for me but then this is what I need to be doing right now; I need to feel my sadness and walk through my grief to get past it. I know that “this too shall pass.”