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The Last Three Years

My wife died of cancer three years ago yesterday (11/22). It was tough. But The Lord doesn’t lead us into anything that He isn’t prepared to walk with us through.

In the last three years, my walk with Him has grown incredibly rich. He has been my support, friend, and help. Doing the grief work and becoming single again at my AARP-eligible age has been an interesting journey. He has also used the time to bring me incredible healing to some very deep wounds.

The past two anniversaries were tough.

Today, I have been filled with JOY!

I’m am so GRATEFUL that I’ve been through this season. I have grown so much closer to Jesus and I really love that. I’ve had so much healing that has been precipitated from all the pain I’ve been through.

I’m so grateful that, it appears, Lord willing, that this season is about to end and a new season will take it’s place.

So, today, I’m grateful for all that has happened and the end result is that I KNOW God IS who he says He is and He IS doing what He says He will do.

God’s Chisel

“Thank you Sir, May I have Another!”
[Omega Fraternity Pledge (Kevin Bacon) in the movie classic Animal House]

This period of singleness is giving God a great opportunity – and He’s taking it. God is using this as a time of growth for me. I think The Skit Guys skit God’s Chisel very accurately portraits the process I’m feeling. I feel He is opening up deep wounds and bringing some healing that will make me more into the person he wants me to be. And it is tough.