But Officer…

“Here come da judge…”

Well, I got a little bit in a hurry and I got timed doing 62MPH ( 100kp/h) in a 45 MPH (70kp/h) speed zone.

So I got dressed up in my best suit and headed to court. What amazed me is that I could FIT into my suit! This is the suit that I got married in 17 years ago. Also, my sister and brother-in-law gave me a nice dress shirt and tie that went well with it.

Since I had (had) a squeeky-clean driving record, they reduced the charge to “driving faster than conditions.” But I still had to pay a good sized fine. The good thing is that charge won’t be reported to the State of GA and appear on my state driving record.

2 thoughts on “But Officer…

  1. patrckb

    Let's see…
    Two years & a Associate Degree to become an X-Ray tech,
    Then two more years & a Bachelor Degree to become an RN,
    Then more years to become a Critical Care RN,
    Then two more years & a Masters Degree to become a Nurse Anesthetist…

    I think you deserve a break on a ticket, sister!


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