Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain National Park – June 2009

A Day in the Mountains
I took an extra day on my recent vacation and spent the day driving through the Rocky Mountain National Park. It as a great day. The weather was unseasonably cool. The high was about 65F/18C at the park entrance. But by the time I reached the summit, it had cooled down to 30F/-1C. The wind was really blowing. And when I was at the Trail Ridge Store it started snowing. It was great.

Emotional Ambush

I took my camera and, as I usually do, I took lots of photos. [Click the image above and it will take you to the web album of those photos.]

That night I downloaded them to my laptop and started to look through them. Then it struck me – I’m the only one in the photos. Boom. Trudie and I used to really enjoy traveling together. So my sadness was about not having my favorite traveling companion with me. This was a great opportunity to grieve another area of loss. Yes, it was tough – but I’ve learned that tough is part of the territory and that Jesus is walking with me.

So I let myself feel the sadness and I had a good cry.

One thought on “Rocky Mountain High

  1. Brian Lohmuller

    Poignant blog. I love the photos, but, as I commented on one of them, you are not the only one in the photos!


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