Bosnia Trip 2009

May 16th, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

Last year I decided to go on a short-term mission trip sponsored by my church, North Point Community Church. I went to Bosnia and Herzegovina at the end of July. It was a great trip and God used it in my life to help me come to know Him deeper. We also made great friends with those doing ministry in that country.

This year I’ve decided that it will be good to go back. The ministry team in Bosnia and Herzegovina needs our encouragement and support as they try to bring the love of God into the lives that have been deeply scared by past war wounds. We will be working with the same team at the Novi Most Center conducting Youth Workshops for the week of August 16th – 24th. We saw last year how the hurts of the past are impacting the kids. They are living with the baggage of their parents and their grandparents. The Novi Most Center is bringing the light and love of our Lord into those hurts.

I need your help. I need you to be part of my team. First, of course, I need your financial support. The total cost of the trip is $2,600. I’m tossing in a chunk of change for it but I also wanted to give you guys the opportunity to invest in it too. If you decide you want to be a part of it you can make a check out to “North Point Ministries” and send it to me. Or this year, you can go on line and make a donation through the GlobalX web site. There are directions below.

But the main thing I will need is for people to be on my prayer team. I am going to need much prayer through this whole trip. I need my team to be in prayer before we go, to be in prayer while we are there, and to pray for me after we get back. There will be many opportunities for God-moments. And I will need prayer to make the right choice each time. I will need prayer to get what God would want me to show.

Would you please consider being part of my team this Summer?


Patrick Bartkus

4911 Sturbridge Cres. NE

Roswell, GA 30075

Link to Bosnia Partner:

On Line Giving Instructions – Bosnia Youth Workshops

Go to

Click on the “give” on the top right hand side of the page.

Fill in your contact information.

Select the “Short-Term Mission Trip” radio button.

Under globalX Trip Information:
– select –Bosnia– in the “Country” drop down
– select –Bosnia Youth Workshops– in the “Trip” drop down
– Type my name in the “Individual” field.

Fill in the Credit Card Information. (They accept Visa or MasterCard)

Click “Review Donation Information” and finalize your transaction.

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you and will serve as your receipt to use for tax purposes.

Thank you so much for your generosity in supporting what God is doing in Bosnia.

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