Venturing Out

The Old Christmas Creche

I dug out the family creche from our childhood. It’s not in very good shape and the original cardboard box has seen it’s last. The newpapers that Dad used to store the various wood pieces date from 1955, ’67, and ’71. I’ve not had it out in many years. The plaster figurines are very beat up but it still makes me smile.

Mixing and Mingling

Monday one of the guys from our small group celebrated his birthday with us and a bunch of other friends. It was my first social venture with a co-ed singles crowd. It was interesting. I kind of go quiet when I’m around a lot of people I don’t know and I only knew about six people out of about 30 who were there. So I didn’t say much.

I remember how being with other singles is different than being with other married couples. Not better, not worse, just different. I feel my socializing gears shifting back to a mode that I’ve not engaged in a long time. It will be an adjustment. And I’ve grown and I have changed much since I was single before.

The Next Phase

I feel like the next phase of my life is about to begin. I’ve done a lot of grief work in the current phase. And I will probably continue to hit emotional land-mines every once in a while and I’ll get to grieve another aspect of missing Trudie. But I think I’m ready to put this behind me. Christmas will happen in another week. I’ll grieve missing her for a little while longer but it is drawing to a close.

It is time to start to move on to the next phase. Going to group singles events is the beginning.

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