Shave Plus 3

It sho’ feels weird…

I’ve been sans beard & mustache for three days. The barber shop shave was awesome. There’s a reason shaver ads compare themselves to a “barbershop shave.” My face was as smooth as baby’s skin on Friday. So yesterday was the first time I’ve shaved it myself. It felt so weird to shave areas that I have so carefully avoided for decades.

It also feels weird not to have lip hair to comb. I still whip the comb to it when I fluff my coiffure. Woops! nothing there!

I’m slowly getting used to it. I’m also being mean to some friends. At church yesterday, I walked right up and stood in front of a fellow production team member, he glanced at me, and kept going about what he was doing. I didn’t say a word so he had no reason to know it was me. I sent him a message later in the day and he was flabbergasted that he didn’t recognize me.

I’m liking it more each day. I think I’ll keep it.

2 thoughts on “Shave Plus 3

  1. patrckb

    Send me an e-mail and let’s get together. I’m loving seeing the responses on peoples faces when they see me the first time. It’s priceless!


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