I’m Having Way Too Much Fun

People can’t believe it!

I am totally enjoying the reaction that I’m getting when people first seem we without my mustache and beard. It is total shock and awe. I look SO different now. At church last Sunday, they introduced me in the big volunteer meeting as the “new face” on the team. Most people say they like the change. Most people also remark on how much younger I now look. The minimum they have said is that I’m 10 years younger. Some have even said 15 years. I’ll take even 10 years younger.

“Pictures Please!”

I’ve had a number of requests for digital pictures. I will be happy to meet you at your convenience and you can take all the pictures you want :-). I’m having way too much fun to spoil the surprise and I want to see your reactions.

Where’s the video?

I had some friends shoot the whole beardectomy process. I have 35 minutes of raw video I will put into a story. It will take time. Please be patient.

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