The "Best" Way

Vs. Getting Things Done

I have an illness. This illness usually results in in-action. It is something I struggle with and sometimes am successful in conquering and sometimes not. This illness is the compulsion to not do anything until I do it “the best way.” This is an illness I have struggles with all my life. I’m in recovery now and I usually can get things done without it having to be the best. But recently, I’ve had a relapse in the disease. I have a lot of things to find new homes for. I have an inventory of Trudie’s work that I know people want. I have a bunch of nick-nacks that I no longer need and have been loved in the past but are no longer appreciated by the present owner. I want to move on but I also want to do “what’s best.”

As I have said before, one of my new favorite sayings is “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly.” I still have times when I don’t do anything but now I tell myself that it’s worth doing poorly and I go ahead and do it.

Do you have times of perfection paralysis?

Author: PatrckB

I'm a techie, a disciple of Jesus, and an avid videographer. I've been both widowed and divorced. God is not done working on me yet.

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  1. Patrick, you must be reading my mind and blogging it here in public. I am fighting the urge to revise this comment until it’s public. Must…click….SUBMIT….


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