My Bosnia Video

Digital Story Telling Workshop

I’ve been wanting to make better videos. I’ve known that good technical video technique did not necessarily make a good video. What makes a good video is a good story. This is an area in which I am weak.

Last week I spent three days at a workshop in Washington, DC, put on by the Center for Digital Story Telling. We went through a quick but intensive time making my first digital story.

I made it about my experience in Bosnia. Here’s my finished story:

My Bosnia Story from Patrick Bartkus on Vimeo.

My thoughts on creating this

I had a great time making this video. I had great feedback from the instructors and other students in the workshop. We worked hard and we all came away with great videos. I already know the topic of my next video: My Beard and the Great Shave.

Your thoughts on this

So what do you think? I’m interested to know what you think about what I’ve made.

2 thoughts on “My Bosnia Video

  1. thepettys

    Great stuff Patrick! It was engaging and I suspect well thought out. You’re right, the story is the hook – the pictures just support what you are trying to communicate. I’ll say it again, with a little practice, you could probably do voice over work!

  2. -- john

    Thanks for sharing your story. I can see how God used this trip to help you grow. The jump was a great metaphor for the whole trip, right? I think the “you can do it” encouragement applies to more than just the cliff jump! Go, Patrick!


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