Mossy Creek Spring ’08

Mossy Creek with Avery

Avery was offered her mother’s old spot at Mossy Creek and she gratefully accepted it. I spent all of Saturday there and most of Sunday with her. I wanted to be there to speak with the customers who hadn’t heard the news. It turned out to be more of a grief-processing weekend for me than I had anticipated. I was able to be sad about a number of things surrounding the show, the lack of my sweetie, a number of the old-time exhibitors who are no longer there, and others. I’m very glad I went even though it was hard.

Remaining Dolls

I also wanted to pick people’s brains about what to do with the few (approx. 20) dolls that are unsold. I want to honor Trudie and her faithful customers in where they go. I got some good thoughts from a number of people. I’ll mull it over and let God let me know when the time is right for a decision.

Springtime in Roswell

Everything is in bloom and pretty. (sarcasm) Oh boy, yet another opportunity to grieve. (end of sarcasm). The flower beds are a mess. Weeds are sprouting up everywhere and I am not a happy weeder. And the flowers popping up (all on their own) are really pretty. And it all is yet another reminder of Trudie.

Mission Trip

The newest adventure for me is that I’ve signed up for a mission trip with my church. Our team is meeting to plan out what we will do for the festival. We will have several meetings including a retreat before we go on July 27th.

I’m looking for some people who would be willing to be a prayer partner or a financial support partner. Send prayers to – well you know where. Send financial support to me. We have to turn in our money as a team. Make the check out to “North Point Missions” and my address is:

4911 Sturbridge Cres. NE
Roswell, GA 30075

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