Spring has Sprung

The First Bloom

A couple of weeks ago I took this photo of the first bloom of Spring. It’s from daffodils that we got from our parent’s home in Oak Ridge many years ago. Trudie transplanted them to Columbia and then moved them here.

Since then, many more flowers are starting to show their colors. Trudie loved her flowers.


I took a vacation last weekend. I flew down to visit Ralph and Valerie for a long weekend. I drove over to Kennedy Space Center and toured the place with some cousins. We were very lucky because we got to see the shuttle Endeavour sitting on the launch pad awaiting it’s liftoff a couple of days later. I won’t mention their names because one of the them had to call in “sick” to come up for the day. Here’s a link to my web album.

I later got to visit with my Aunt Dot whom I hadn’t seen in many, many years.

Then on Saturday, Ralph, Valerie, and I went to see a spring training baseball game. The Braves played the Houston Astros. The Braves didn’t win but we had fun anyway.


I’m keeping busy. I’m taking one day at a time. I am learning how to have fun. I’m serving at church a lot. Every once in a while I’ll get ambushed by something that reminds me of a good time with Trudie and I’ll be sad. But for the most part, I’m just doing what is the next-right-thing and leaving the rest to God.

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