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The New Normal

The First “Normal” Week

The beginning of this week was tough. On both Monday and Tuesday I had many times of sadness. I wasn’t sure why until I realized why.

Trudie died Thanksgiving night. Then there was a couple of weeks of funeral, etc, hub-bub. [No, that’s not a techie term; I just made it up:-)] Then there was a couple of weeks of Christmas hub-bub. Then there was New Years hub-bub.

This has been the first week in which there was no hub-bub. It was a back-to-normal week.

Except, it’s not normal; there’s no Trudie in my life. That is why I’ve been sad.

The New Normal

So, while I’m mourning Trudie not being here, I’m starting to build my new-normal life.

I’m getting back involved in a number of volunteer efforts. I’m talking to people about renewing their web sites using the new content management technology. I’m excited about this technology and am just learning how it works.

I’m learning a new production team position at the church I attend. I’m learning how run the critical video switcher. It is a great opportunity and I am grateful that they are providing it as a new way to serve on Sunday morning.

I’ll still be able to serve as a roaming camera operator: [see photo to the right]. I’ve served at this position for four years and love it.

I’m also investigating going on a mission trip this Summer. I’ve been on three other trips but it has been a while. I also want to go with some video projects in minds. I want to come back with some footage that will get others excited about serving on a short-term trip.

I also decided to change the photo on the blog site. This is a recent shot of my mug. While I’m not excited about how it looks, it is what it is.

So I’m settling into a new life. I still have times of sadness and I experience them and move on.