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Weekend Fun

Downstairs Bathroom

I’ve had a bit of a mold problem in the downstairs bathroom. I had a mold inspector come out and said that it was just a little bit of mold and was under the limit for a full mold remediation project. He said that this was a home owner project. So I asked brother-in-law Drew to help and he and Millie came down last week. I took a day of “vacation” and he, John, and I attacked it. Mainly it was Drew and John. It was even less of an issue than what it appeared to be. We replaced less than two square feet of sheet rock. We had some awesome games of dominoes too.

Bosnia Video

I have digitized all of the video (3.25 hours) I took in Bosnia. I also made shot lists of all the different shots. Now, I need to make time to edit it to something worth watching. I’m struggling as to how to tell the story. But I guess that’s why I’m taking the three-day workshop next month in digital storytelling.