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Financial Peace University

Dave Ramsey

I’ve signed up for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Dave Ramsey is a news radio talk show host who gives people advice on their financial situation. He teaches at big event seminars and has written a couple of best-seller books. He has written an 13 week course that you take, usually at a church but not always, with a group of folks like ourselves.

I’m not in trouble. I just want to make my money achieve some savings goals. For example, I want to do a very weird thing, I want to pay CASH for my next car. Dave says it is do able. His famous line is that “we must live like no one else now, so that later we can live like no one else.

How it works

What we do is each week watch an hour DVD video of Dave teaching. We then discuss the principles Dave has taught with each other. We are then given homework assignments. The thing that clinched it for me was this point from their “How It Works” page:
80-20 Graph

Beat Debt Build Wealth
The goal of Financial Peace University is not just
information - we're looking for transformation!
Financial management is only 20% knowledge
and 80% behavior.
We help break the bad habits
that rob people of true financial success.

I’m really excited about this course. I believe it will help me realize the savings goals I want to achieve and have more peace of mind about my money.