Where Will Jesus Lead Adventures in Following Jesus

July 29, 2012


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Where does this all come from?

How much “stuff” do we just accumulate?

shelves full of "stuff"

Not a pretty sight.

Sometimes I buy something, with great intentions of how I will use it, and yet … it never gets used.


The only solution I’ve found has been to either give it away to your local thrift store or to just toss it in the trash.

Tough love? Maybe, but it has worked for me.

What have you done when you’ve reached your “there’s too much” breaking-point?

December 4, 2008

Don’t give up on giving

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Give even when things are tight

Here’s a great blog article by Tim Sanders about keeping on giving even when things are tight. I like the quote:

When you give, especially during tough times, you teach yourself that there is enough to go around.

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