Cha, cha, cha, changes!

Three Months In

We have been married three months now. This had been a very stressful time of changes. We have had our work cut out for us adjusting to living with each other.

Selling the houses

We have always planned to sell our houses and buy “our” house together. Since Effie’s house was much more market-ready than mine we put her’s up for sale first. She had a contract on it in less than three weeks. We said it was a God thing for it to happen that fast.

My house is now getting the Effie-makeover. I figured that since she had her house so ready for sale, that I’ll follow her “suggestions” on how to make mine that was too. We started in the basement and have done lots of work there. We’ve brought in a 20 yard dumpster, filled it with junk, and had it emptied and are now working on our second dumpster. When we finish in the basement we will next move to the main floor.

New Family

We are both enjoying each others extended family. I’ve been fully embraced by Effie’s children and grandchildren. I’m enjoying getting to know them and they let me be the photographer at a lot of the functions. I got some great shots at her newest Grandson’s dedication. I was specifically requested by her Granddaughter to take pictures at her Junior Prom gathering. I got some great shots of Savannah and her pals.

Next month, we look forward to spending time with my daughter and Granddaughter when they come to the Mossy Creek Barnyard Festival.

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