Relationship Status Changed to “In A Relationship”


A New Phase

I’ve been in the “singles world” for year and a half now. [I don’t count the year I spent grieving my loss and working on my relationship with God.] I’ve met a lot of nice people both men and women. Some of whom I count as friends, also both men and women. God has brought many people into my life but none has had the impact as one special person.

Effie Roling
Effie has been special. I met her at a singles gathering called 222. I’ve been attending different 222 gatherings for over the last year. There are great people who go there. I met Effie there. We started dating. I liked her and she liked me. So it seemed natural to “go public” with our relationship and let the world know that we were exclusively dating each other.

What’s Next
We continue to see each other; we attend different events and services together. We plan on serving with her church’s community service project next month.

The rest is up to God. It will be interesting to see where He leads.

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