Facebook – A God Send or of the Devil?

Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated!

Hi, I’m Patrick and I’m addicted to Face Book [Hi, Patrick!].

Yes, I’m spending way too much time keeping up with the minutia of my friends lives. It is a time black-hole. It sucks up my time and never gives it back.

Why did I join?
I heard about how great it was from other FB-addicts. So I thought I’d try it.

At first is started innocently enough. I joined and put the minimum of personal information on there. I added a few really good friends whom I care deeply about. I then met new people at various singles events. So I added them. Then, FB showed me other people whom I may know. Why yes, I am sort-of friends with some of them, so I added them. Pretty soon, I had 50 “friends.” And then people started finding me, so I added them.

Now, I have 90 friends. Some post things I DO what to know about – these are the posts that keep me coming back and checking for more. These posts feed my addiction.

A lot of them rarely post anything. A few of the post a lot of stuff. Some I don’t even care about. I have even dropped a talkative “friend” or two that I got tired of listening to.

I can share videos that I like by posting links to them on FB. Other friends do the same and I spend time watching them.

I love looking at friends pictures. I see people who are important in their lives. I spend time going through not just the pictures they are tagged on. I look at all the pictures in the album.

Friends show links to events that they are attending. I evaluate the links and see if it is something I would be interested in. Maybe it is, usually it isn’t but I need to check it out. We have to keep our options open, you know.

Bottom Line

I want my time back. I am turning it over. I know there is a higher power who can restore my on line life to sanity. I have to continually turn my on line life and will over to Him who is able.

One thought on “Facebook – A God Send or of the Devil?

  1. Dave

    Hey, I noticed your blog today. Thanks so much for keeping up with your life. I agree that Facebook could be addicting if you let it. I’m thankful my life is too crazy now so I don’t have much time to feed the addiction.


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