Back from Bosnia

We got back from Bosnia a little over a week ago. We flew in on Tuesday (8/5) just in time to greet evening rush-hour traffic. The next morning I was at work. There has been much going on at work in my absence and now that I’m back I have much to do.

Trip Results

We had an awesome time there. We saw many sights and learned a lot of Bosnia history. The Childrens’ Festival was a huge success. The kids had a great time and the Novi Most center had a great response. The kids had never seen such toys, games, and the bounce house. I’m sure it’s being talked about for weeks.

Video Man

I took my video camera and got some good shots. I’m trying to sift through over three hours of video now to show how to make it interesting.

The Spiritual Journey

This was an amazing spiritual trip for me. I’m calling this year my “boot camp” year because it has been such an intense spiritual walk. Well, this trip was the 20-mile hike with full pack! It was very tough – and I’m so glad I did it.

Thank you so much to all of you who supported me on this trip. I had a lot of financial support but, more importantly, I had a lot of prayer support. I needed the prayers and they were felt.

Thank you!

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