Beardectomy – Mustache Too?

How Far Do I Go?

I’ve decided to shave my beard. I’ve located a barber shop that still does straight-razor shaves. I’ve got a couple of friends lined up and they are going to video tape the operation. But I haven’t decided how far I will go.

Should I leave the mustache or shave it all?

Leave me comments as to your opinion and why I should or should not shave the mustache too.

5 thoughts on “Beardectomy – Mustache Too?

  1. Anonymous

    What a surprise! I think it’s great! I’m sure you’ll feel shocked at first, but I think you’ll enjoy doing something different. And you can always grow it back if you want. But just to ease the transition, what about cutting the beard and mustache very short first, to get used to the new “balance” it will create? (This is a woman talking, right!) Then when you cut it all off, you won’t feel so startled. But, gee, if you’re in for some fun, go ahead and do it all at once. But you might want to plan some time in the sun, too. Your skin hasn’t seen much for awhile! Now, talk Bob into it…

  2. Anonymous

    I agree. No reason to go “cold turkey”. Might as well give yourself time to easy into any changes. Realize the comment from Lynn and this one from me are both from women. Women have more experience is extreme hair changes than men—generally speaking. Some men have this experience as well but probably in that case, it’s genetic. Valerie

  3. Anonymous

    You’ve got a great mustache. Why take it off? You’re a techie guy. How about digitically enhanced photos:
    — with mustache no beard
    — without mustache without beard
    — with beard no Mustache (Go Amish!)
    Post those. It’s a good year to vote…knowledgeably. –BDC

  4. Anonymous

    My question is, what is motivating you to shave off the beard and mustache?? What would motivate you to keep the mustache? Personnally, I think your mustache is very unique, and helps express your individuality.

  5. Anonymous

    Yeah, I agree with the go-slow approach, but that’s just me (my mother used to say I’m allergic to change!)


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