What’s been going on…

Yea, yea, yea…

I know. I haven’t posted anything in a L*O*N*G time. Like everyone else “… I’ve been busy …”

And it continues…

This weekend I’m doing 24 (See NPCC Production).
[Update: The videos are HERE [[Double Update: they seem to have removed the videos]]. We did the one “Space Colony M301″ (Gladiator as Sci-Fi). [[Somebody uploaded our video here.]
Next weekend I’m shooting video of a good friend son’s wedding.
The weekend after that I’m going to Pittsburg, PA with friends for a convention.

Then I have a weekend with nothing planned [how did that happen? Let’s see how I can fix it :-}].

Then I have a local gathering of friends.
And then the weekend after that we take off for Bosnia.
The weekend after that we come back from Bosnia.
The weekend after that I have another gathering of friends in Macon.

Did I say I was busy???


In May, a very good friend Tim and I went to Charleston, SC. We did the guy-thing and went the Patriot’s Point where they have the Navy ships. Tim and I climbed all over the aircraft carrier and the WWII destroyer.

We had a great time together.

I gotta run I got to be in Buckhead in about an hour…

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  1. Anonymous

    We are delighted you are so busy! During the garden season I can’t help thinking about plants Trudie and I have shared. Enjoy your trip to Bosnia.


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